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Scroll through this Saudia Hypermarket offer valid from 22.09.2022 to 24.09.2022 to see the latest deals. On 4 pages of the current offer, you will find the best goods from the Supermarkets category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Saudia Hypermarket, don't forget to look through the entire offer from page 1 to page 4. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Saudia Hypermarket, don’t miss the latest offer full of amazing deals and wonderful discounts. Come back to Top Offers every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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Modern televisions are no longer just a transmission medium but have a number of interesting functions. You can even communicate with the world through television.

We buy most electric receivers for the household for a longer period. This includes not only appliances that have only a practical function (such as a refrigerator), but also those that are intended to provide us with fun and distraction after a hard day's work.

  • One of the most used electrical appliances for entertainment is television.
  • And for a long time.

When choosing a suitable TV, it is good to see everything from a future point of view. Which means that even after a few years, we will demand that television meet our expectations. At present, modern televisions are not merely an intermediary for television broadcasting but have a number of other functions. They become a multimedia centre.

We can watch online movie premieres, enjoy the HbbTV function or communicate with the world.


The specialty, which is based mainly on ground beef, was brought to America by German immigrants. Today you can enjoy it in many variants.

Many people still confuse two different concepts in the field of gastronomy. These terms are meatball and burger. There is a huge difference. And not only in that the meatball is usually wrapped in three-pack and the burger is fried without any wrapping.

  • Another difference is that other ingredients are added to the burger.
  • This does not include eggs or breadcrumbs, and yet, when properly prepared, it will stick together.

The basis is traditional beef. But nowadays, many fast foods offer many different variants of this product. But a burger is not just a matter of stall sales or fast food. You can also find a quality burger in luxury restaurants.

  • There you can enjoy an infinite number of variants.
  • From the mentioned beef, through chicken, turkey, and salmon.
  • There are also vegetarian versions where the meat is replaced by, for example, ground black beans or rice.

Coffee is an integral part of the life of almost every one of us. But do you know how to choose the best species just for you and what affects its taste?

Morning coffee is for many of us the only way to get on our feet and go to work. But how to choose the best one that you will enjoy every day? The most popular are Arabica and Robusta, but you have other options. Quality and excellent is also civet, green or decaffeinated coffee for the brave. You can also choose from capsules for the coffee machine, or instant variants (classic, 2in1 or 3in1). You can try yourself to find out if you prefer black coffee, cappuccino, americano, latte, espresso, or another form of this amazing, hot drink. Try, experiment and you are guaranteed to quickly find out what you like best.

مفتوح الآن NOW OPEN شارع ياقوت الحموي، المطار القديم الدوحة - قطر، ت: ٤٤١٨٨٨ 19 *Yaqoot Al Hamawi, Qld Airport Doha Qatar, Tel:44188786 ساديات (.... QAR 20.00 Sadia Chicken Griller! صدور دجـاج طرية Seara سيارا قطع مثالية Perfect Cuts Tender Chicken Breast 10... QAR. 15.00 صدور دجاج طرية سيارا أكجم SEARA TENDER CHICKEN BREAST 1KG ناجتس ماه - 6x1.5L ناجتس دجاج chicken nug ساديا Sadia ساديا chicken nuggets Sadia 5 PO. 1].. QAR. 16.00 AL PU QAR. دجاج ساديا * ...ا جم 3.50 ساديات Sadia.. SADIA GRILLER CHICKEN 2X1000GM مان Chicken Griller NEW UAL PIECE S 270 TV. 270 CV. 26 AlShamai AlShama 1000 g Net Weight مياه الشرب 7 × 0،التر ناجتس دجاج ساديا ۳ × ۲۷۰ جم AL SHAMAL WATER 6X1.5LTR SADIA CHICKEN NUGGETS TRAD 3X270GM ساديات QAR. 11.00 WOW! Sadia 26 AlShamal Ab 270 rv. برجر الدجاج ساديا ٧٢٠ جم WOW! WOW! SADIA CHICKEN BURGER 720GM Croissant TODAY $19.vo 201 PC 19.75 جر الدجاج Chicken Burg للرجال Elvan HAIR FALL DEFENCE H TODAY Croissant QAR. 10.00 حماية من تساقط الشعر n.o. 16.50 السعودية SAUDIA Adet Pieces 2xld Li Labban كرواسون إلفان توداي ۲۰ * ٤٥ جم QAR ساديا Sadia O ELVAN TODAY CROISSANTS 20X45GM uelinz#Red- FROZEN 1-1 IQUID GEL FORMULA NEW LIQUID GEL FORMULA CLEAR CLEAR MEN MEN 90099.. " QAR. 10.00 حلال عدس لافان اكجم للرجال HAIR FALL DEFENCE نهاية من تساقط الشعر LAFFAN MASOOR DAL 2KG Trans Fatyl شامبو الشعر كلير ٤٨٠ مل CLEAR SHAMPOO HAIRFALL 485ML توداي Çikolata ve Findik Kremali Kruvasan Ci with Chocolate and Haselt Cream Fing FREECERME افخاذ دجاج رفيعة Chicken Drumsticks افخاذ دجاج رفيعة ..9 جم SADIA IQF DRUMSTICKS 900GM WOW! FAVA BEAN PEELE CHILI CALIFORNIA مـارت KENZ MINI MART ܡܩܐܒ A.o. 8.50 قطع دجاج مقرمشر PEELED CHILI EXSTOMICH STOMACH QAR. RISPY CHICKEN PIECES CALIFORNIA GARDEN 10... QAR 15.00 Halal 9,vo 9.75 ماكسـي رول QAR. Kenz als MAXI ROLL CALIFORNIA 310 FAVA BEANS PEELED CHILI ONSTOMACH فول مقشر بالفلفل ٤ + ٤٥٠ جم | CALIFORNIA GARDEN PEELED FOUL CHILLI 4X450GM ميني CALIFORNIA GARDEN 498 WOW! ماكسي رول كنز الدوحة ٣٠٠ متر New Look قطع دجاج مقرمش الأولى .. جم FIRST-CRISPY CHICKEN NUGGETS 700 GM KENZ DOHA MAXI ROLL 300MTR SUPERMARKETS DEPARTMENT STORES J9 Improved Taste! First SUSHI 3in1 Regular Coffee 30 sachets x 20g كنز Alicafé CLASSIC اركت HYPERMARKETS 396 WOW! 3IN1 AZIEN 19 Alicafé WOW! arr.o. 9,0. QAR. 29.50 QAR. 22.50 SP vo LOCATION SCAN ME 0% 13.75 قهوة اليكافيه ۳ فی ۳۰۱×۲۰ جم ALICAFE CLASSIC COFFEE 3IN1 30X20GM GOLDEN PURE BASMATI RICE WORLD'S FINEST AROMATIC NET WT: 5KG PROCESSED & PACKED FOR AL-HASEN FOOD STUFF P.O. BOX NO: 2248 PH: 4682073 DOHA QATAR CE OF PAKISTAN READY TO COOK PACKING DATE: 03/2021 EXPIRY DATE: 03/2023 PC أرز بسمتي نقي جولدين ه كجم WOW! GOLDEN PURE BASMATI RICE 5KG PEARL EARL Automatic Foam 5 KG مسحوق غسيل بيرل 6 كجم /حبة PEARL DETERGENTS H/F L/F 6KG OUR STORE LOCATIONS

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