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13.06.2024 - 26.06.2024
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06.06.2024 - 26.06.2024
Valid at all Ansar Gallery stores
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12.06.2024 - 25.06.2024
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12.06.2024 - 11.07.2024
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20.06.2024 - 03.07.2024
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11.06.2024 - 25.06.2024
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11.06.2024 - 25.06.2024
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11.06.2024 - 25.06.2024
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06.06.2024 - 26.06.2024
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23.06.2024 - 02.07.2024
Valid at all Safari Hypermarket stores
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24.06.2024 - 25.06.2024


A refrigerator is the basis of every household's equipment. Since it will be widely used, it is necessary to subject the selection to several basic parameters.

No modern household can function without a refrigerator. It is an integral part of every family. It is usually located in the kitchen but can be installed virtually anywhere. It depends on the layout of the apartment and on our idea, especially about its capacity.

The first parameter of the selection will be its size. According to experts, the ideal fridge per person should have a capacity of 50-70 litres. Then another twenty litres in the freezer.

Another criterion in its selection are also the eating habits of the apartment's inhabitants. It is also clear that in villages or small towns where there are no daily shopping opportunities, the refrigerator will have to hold much more food.

  • However, it is always better to slightly overestimate the capacity.
  • When choosing a refrigerator, it is good to keep in mind that not only is a half-empty refrigerator uneconomical, but also an overfilled refrigerator.
  • In addition, it will not perform its function 100%.

When buying a new refrigerator, the decisive factor will be whether it is to be built-in or free-standing. The built-in fridge saves space in the kitchen and is also more practical.

  • There is no significant difference between the two types in terms of energy consumption.
  • You can find it in the purchase price. Freestanding refrigerators are usually cheaper.

Opening the door can also be one of the selection parameters. In this respect, the refrigerator can adapt to your requirements. Modern products offer the possibility of moving the door to the other side. In most cases, however, it will require the intervention of an expert. Especially if there is a built-in display on the door.

Another parameter when selecting can be noise. The refrigerator is in operation almost non-stop.

If you are going to install the refrigerator in a room where the noise would be disturbed, then choose one whose noise does not exceed 40 dB. However, practically all products of this type currently meet this condition.


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