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Scroll through this Jumbo Electronics offer valid from 11.12.2022 to 31.12.2022 to see the latest deals. On 7 pages of the current offer, you will find the best goods from the Electronics and white goods category. This Jumbo Electronics catalogue offers discounts on more than 69 products, making sure you get the best deal on the things you buy! If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Jumbo Electronics, don't forget to look through the entire offer from page 1 to page 7. On the current page you will find promotions on Samsung, Huawei, Honor, smartphone; however, this catalogue from Jumbo Electronics offers many other discounts on goods like LG, JBL, PlayStation, Nokia, gaming headset, battery, Brother, laptop, laser printer, Lenovo. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Jumbo Electronics, don’t miss the latest offer full of amazing deals and wonderful discounts. Come back to Top Offers every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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The manufacturer of electronic devices Samsung always offers original technical solutions in its products for maximum comfort and convenience of its customers.

Samsung has been at the forefront of the global market for more than seventy years and continues to offer new electronics solutions. The products sold mainly include digital devices and media. So, you can find the Samsung brand on mobile phones, TVs, audio and video equipment, cameras, or cameras. Samsung is also a manufacturer and supplier of office equipment, which mainly includes laptops, monitors, and printers. Large household appliances are also among the products sold.

• Samsung products are mostly exceptional in terms of quality and sophisticated technology.

• For example, refrigerators use the multi-Flow cooling system, which guarantees even cooling of all stored food.

• Microwave ovens have technology that ensures even heating of food from all sides.


Huawei supplies mobile phones to the market in several variants. So, you can choose according to what you specifically expect from him. Or according to the price.

Thanks to the fact that there are many brands of mobile phones on the market, we can choose not only according to their appearance, but also according to the functions and other parameters that are important to us. One of the manufacturers that ranks among the most prosperous is Huawei. This manufacturer (not only mobile phones) is constantly bringing new technologies and innovations. In addition, mobile phones are known for their perfect design, and you will not miss them.

• Huawei mobile phones are manufactured in several lines.

• So, you can choose exactly what you expect from your smartphone.

  • Mate series perfect technology.
  • P Series perfect fashion.
  • G series perfect value.
  • Y series perfect accessibility.
SAMSUNG 000 SAMSUNG ه 0 ۱۸ ديسمبر HONOR 50 SG 56) SAMSUNG سمارت فون SMARTPHONE GALAXY S22 ULTRA ۰ ۱۸ انش الشاشة AMOLED - أوكتا كور ۱۳۰ حيفا ذاكرة داخلية 201 حيفا - كاميرا خلفية *۱۰*۱*۱۸ ميغابيكسل - كاميرا أمامية ،1 ميغابيكسل ه مل امبير و بطارية SPECIAL OFFER 1 1 to 31 December 2022 6.8" AMOLED Display • Octa-core * 1268/256GB Memory * 108+10+10+12 MP Rear Camera 40MP Front Camero • 5000 mAh Battery WAS on5.149 | Now on. 4,268 SMARTPHONE GALAXY A73 SAMSUNG سمارت فون - 17 انش الشاشة AMOLED PLUS أوكتا كور ۸۰ حيفا ذاكرة داخلية 8 جيفا كاميرة خلفية +++ من الكسل كاميرا أمامية م مر العسل ه مل امبير . بطارية 6.7" Super AMOLED Plus Display • Octa-core • 8GB/128GB Memory * 108 +12+5+5 MP Rear Camera * 32MP Front Camero • • 5000 mAh Battery | WAS on. 1,879 | Now on. 1,624 HONOR X8 • 6.7" IPS Display • Octa-core 6GB/128GB Memory - 18 انشر الشاشة ه أوكتا كور ۸۰ صفا ذاكرة داخلية ١٣٨ صفا - اميرة خفية + ۲۰۴۰ ميغابكسل - كاميرا أمامية 13 ميغابيكسل ه مل أمر بطارية * 64+5+2+2MP Bear Camera 16MP Front Camero - 4000 mAh Battery SAMSUNG سمارت فون 000 | WAS on.849 | Now on. 795 18th December • • ●●● (50) بلا 50 Day عرض خاص ا إلى 31 ديسمبر ٢٠٢٢ سمارت فون SMARTPHONE GALAXY S22 PLUS HONOR - 17 انش الشاشة AMOLED أوكتا كور ۸۰ جيفا ذاكرة داخلية 201 حيفا - كاميرا خلفية ۰۱۰۲ ميغابيكسل - كاميرا أمامية ، ميغابيكسل هل أمر ما بطارية 6.6" AMOLED Display • Octa tare - 8GB 256GB Memory * 50+10+ 12 MP lear Camera 10MP Front Camera - 4500 mAh Battery | WAS 0.4.049 | NOW OR. 3,387 HONOR سمارت فون SMARTPHONE GALAXY A53 هما الشر الشاشة AMOLED اوستا کور 10 جيفا ذاكرة داخلية او حيفا ه اميره خفه +++TE ميغابيكسل - كاميرا أمامية 2 ميغابيكسل ه مل امبير ... بطارية • 6.5" Super AMOLED Display • Octa-core * 608/256GB Memory * 64+12+5+ SMP Near Camera • 32MP Front Camera - 5000 mAh battery 6.6" Display | WAS on 1,779 | Now on. 1,488 سمارت فون SMARTPHONE GALAXY A23 + 1.1 انش الشاشة ه أوكتا كمر ع صفا ذاكرة داخلية 16 جيفا ه كاميرا خلفية **** - ميغابيكسل - كاميرا أمامية 8 ميغابيكسل - ملي أمبير .. بطارية * Octa tare - 468/64GB Memory - 50 +5+2+2MP Near Camera • 8MP Front Camera - 5000 mAh Battery | Was on.829 NOW QR. 676 HO 50 HUAWEI الالوات... 56 سمارت فون SMARTPHONE HONOR 70 1,۷۰ انش الشاشة OLED وانا كمر ۸۰ جيفا ذاكرة داخلية 201 حيفا - كاميرا خلفية ۵۰۰۰ ميقابيكسل - كاميرا أمامية 2 ميغابيكسل هل أمر ٤٨ بطارية 6.67" OLED HDR10+ Display • Octa-core -8GB/256GB Memory - 50 + 50 + 2MP lear Camera -32MP Front Camera 4800 mAh Battery | Was on. 1,999 | Now on. 1,719 سمارت فون SMARTPHONE HONOR X9 6.81" IPS Display 1 انش الشاشة ۸۰ جيفا ذاكرة داخلية 101 جيفا - كاميرة خلفية ٤٨++ مقاللكسل - كاميرا أمامية 16 ميغابيكسل - هل أمبير ٤٨ بطارية • Octa-core 8GB/256GB Memory - 48+2+2MP Near Camera 16MP Front Camera - 4800 mAh Battery | WAS on. 1,199 NOW - اوستا كور 08. 981 سمارت فون SMARTPHONE NOVA Y70 - 1.5 انش الشاشة ه أوكتا كور • 6.75" IPS Display • Octa-core اصفا ذاكرة داخلية ١٣٨ صفا - كاميرة خلفية o+EN+" ميغابيكسل كاميرا أمامية 8 ميغابيكسل - هل امبير . بطارية 468/128GB Memory 48+5+2MP Rear Camera 8MP Front Camera - 6000 mAh Battery | WAS OR. 699 NOW QR.641

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